Sincere thanks for everything you have done. You have been superb: responsive, reliable and a pleasure to deal with. What an asset you are.

Martyn C.

Mrs. Tucci offers prompt, knowledgeable and very professional service. She is an amazing Property Manager and I would highly recommend her in this capacity.

Wendy H.
Property Owner

Thank you, again, for your excellent and professional service! I have always found you to be exceptional.

Leon B.
Property Owner

Without any reservations, I fully endorse and recommend the services of Masterkey Management. Our Condo development has had a number of managing agents but none have surpassed the proficiency, professionalism and diligence displayed by Sharika. Her experience and knowledge on many matters have also greatly assisted the Board and improved the quality of our decision making. Masterkey Management is certainly a great asset and we look forward to continuing the business relationship for many more years.

Taiwo O.
Property Owner/Board President

In August 2013, the Board Members of The Hamptons Ltd. selected Masterkey Management Ltd., for the property management of The Hamptons Condo Complex.

From a seamless transition with the predecessor company to handling daily ongoing issues and concerns that come along with managing a condo complex, Sharika Tucci has not ‘missed a beat’. Sharika has proved to be a very talented individual whose professionalism, eye for detail, and a passion for providing a high level of service has been exemplary thus far.

I have no hesitation in recommending services provided by Masterkey Management Ltd.

Nagma W.
Property Owner/Board Member

I thoroughly endorse Sharika who has been a great asset to the Hamptons.

Paul W.
Property Owner/Board Treasurer

Sharika Tucci is AWESOMELY FANTABULOUS!!! Thorough, reliable, knowledgeable, professional…I could go on but I think you get the picture!! Pardon my enthusiasm, but I am truly grateful for all of her work!!

Amani L.
Property Owner

Once again thanks for everything! You’re such a friendly person and you’ve been so kind. Great service by Masterkey – I would recommend you to any one of my friends.

Kristy R.

Sharika was instrumental in finding our tenant for our rental. She guided us through the whole process, keeping us informed of any developments. She was very organized and efficient in the tasks that were put before her. Once a prospective tenant was identified, she went the extra mile to ensure that all matters were dealt with in a timely manner. We strongly recommend her and will use Masterkey again if the need arises.

Carmen G. and Wadney S.
Property Owner

Sharika carries out all work with expediency and in a professional and courteous manner. Duties have included assistance with preparation of budgets, comment on legal issues such as bye-laws and the head lease agreements and the on-going management of the scheme. She has shown that she is capable of dealing with a variety of professionals both as occupants in the development and as contractors providing services to the development. Throughout our relationship we have been provided with a consistently high level of service. Sharika observes a very high work ethic. She is easy to work with, co-operative at all times and attentive to detail. Her knowledge of the industry and professionalism give me confidence that my investment is being protected.

Kathryn M.
Property Owner

Sharika is a professional, detail orientated and fair property manager. She made a point to always make herself available to all of the residents/owners for any issue no matter how small.

Allison B.
Property Owner

I have worked with Sharika on several projects, for her property clients. She has shown a detail-oriented approach to problem solving, with consistent follow up to maintain scheduled milestones. She has always been fair in her contractual dealings, while providing good value for her clients.

Charles D.

I worked as a Mechanical Service Provider for a few properties that Sharika managed. She was always professional, polite and courteous, and well versed and knowledgeable on how the systems in the buildings worked, and how they affected the tenants. She had an excellent working relationship with myself and the rest of the service providers – I would highly recommend her!

Simon T.

Sharika has been a very valuable service provider to our condo association in the past and, with her organization skills and commitment to providing a quality work product, I can highly recommend her.

Alan W.
Property Owner/Board President

Sharika is the consummate professional, exacting high standards and exhibiting a high moral character. She has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to producing work of a superior standard to the satisfaction of her clients. Sharika constantly strives to improve and challenge herself. She is known by her clients as being proactive, seeking creative solutions and diligently seeing through courses of action. Sharika has a systematic approach to managing properties that is effective and efficient.

Karen J.
Industry Professional

Sharika is a highly professional person with high standards and ethics, who has the ability to effectively interact with Tenants, Landlords, Building Contractors, Lawyers & Accountants, to get a Landlord’s empty property let; and to ensure that a let property is generating the correct level of income, for the Landlord. She is also a thorough Property Valuer, who has an in-depth knowledge of property transactions on Bermuda. She also has a ‘finger on the pulse’ with regard to current property market conditions. She is someone who will always go that extra mile for her clients.

Raj P.
Industry Professional

During Sharika’s time as my property manager, I found her to be very helpful and prompt to respond with whatever questions I had or with tasks that needed to be done. I highly recommend Sharika as a property manager.

Cecilia W.
Property Owner

You’ve been a great property manager and I’m afraid the one at my new place will not live up to the standards I’ve come to know with you. Thank you for all the fast responses over the years and the updates.

Tom M.

Exceptional level of communication, responsiveness, and professionalism. Monthly financial reports are clear and concise and are a critical part of keeping in touch with our investment. Annual inspection reports are very thorough. We are able to enjoy the benefits of the property ownership/rental market with a much reduced administrative and, frankly, stress burden.

Kirsten B.
Property Owner

I have been most impressed and pleased with the professionalism, exceptional service and proven market expertise that I have experienced with Masterkey.

Arketa T.
Property Owner

Attentiveness...promptness...diligent....conscientious. I do not think we could ask for more in a property manager.

John B.
Property Owner/Board President